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Our Chartered Accountants and Audit Teams are based in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates, consisting of professionals specialising in the regulatory Laws of each specific jurisdiction. We have years of experience and servicing a variety of professionals throughout the world, providing high quality  financial services under our specialisations, whether in the context of large corporate financing transactions or innovative tax planning opportunities arising from complex new tax legislation.

Dedicated to obtaining optimal results for our clients, we are highly involved in client matters and make sure that clients feel they have easy access to our directors, managers and team members. The outstanding quality of our services has resulted in a number of long-standing relationships with both small and large multi-national organisations.

 As taxpayers, tax is a major concern for our clients, and there are possibilities of major savings which can be achieved via intelligently structured schemes.

For multinational businesses, it is an essential need to keep up with the developments in international tax, legislation and regulations, which is an important rule for success in today’s globalized markets..

Our experienced international tax consultants offer individually customised solutions that can be tailored to any specific need. Having in mind that every cross-border transaction is likely to have a tax implication, which may result in unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities for tax mitigation, our consultant will provide you with the optimal solution. Such a solution refers to tax planning, Group Structure and the usage of companies registered in several tax jurisdictions that are needed in order to mitigate your international tax liability and obtain the optimal benefit for your business.

Our Areas of Expertise


Our audit and accounting team is responsible for preparing and presenting accurate financial information to the shareholders of companies and the authorities. Our services include statutory and IFRS audit for companies registered in Cyprus and the UK.


Our Accounting Advisory teams across the world provide assistance on critical issues that may arise in these situations. We record and prepare accounting records, maintenance of proper books and financial statements of high standard

Tax Services

Managing tax and legal compliance has never been more important or more complex. We know that the pace of change in the tax environment is putting increased pressure on businesses to deliver tax and legal compliance more effectively.

An International Consulting Firm
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Our Focus
of effective Tax Planning

Our tax services include local tax planning services for companies and individuals, international tax planning services for companies and individuals, services related to the application of double tax treaties, including the filing of requests for residency certificates, preparation and submission of personal and corporation tax forms, obtaining tax rulings from the tax authorities and assist clients with tax investigations and obtaining tax clearance from the authorities.

We focus on providing high-quality tax advice, whether in the context of large corporate financing transactions or innovative tax planning opportunities arising from complex new tax legislation.

An International Consulting Firm

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