Trust & Corporate Services

Our consultants have the technical experience and support resources necessary to meet the full gamut of clients’ needs in their overseas markets

Corporate Services

Our corporate and trust services team consists of lawyers and paralegals, specialized in Company Law of various jurisdictions enhanced through years of experience and servicing a variety of multinational clients

The services provided include:

  • Advice on trust or company formation in various jurisdictions, including Cyprus, Malta, The UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, The Isle of Man, Bahamas, B.V.I. and many other
  • Arranging and preparing the minutes of all board meetings, annual and extraordinary general meetings
  • Assisting with the changes in company structures such as change of company’s directors and secretary, name, registered address, Memorandum and Articles of association, the authorized and/or issued share capital
  • Preparing all company documents such as company resolutions, Powers of Attorney and carrying out legalization of company documents as required by the client from time to time
  • Maintaining the statutory records of the company and ensuring that the company meets all its legal obligations such as the filing of the annual returns to the relevant authorities
  • Assisting the client in drafting contracts and agreements and providing consultancy on all the legal aspects concerning the client’s company
  • Full consultation regarding the future use of the trust or the company
  • Registration of the trust or the company
  • Provision of trustees
  • Provision of full or partial nominee structure, including shareholders, directors, secretary and legal address
  • Legalization of documents for future accreditation of the company
  • Registration in the country of the owner of a company with foreign participation or accreditation of a permanent establishment through a representative office or a branch
  • Liaison with the Tax office for tax clearances and Double Tax Treaty certificates
  • Preparation of invoices on behalf of the client, legalisation of shipping documents at the Chamber of Commerce and other assistance with re-invoicing and transhipment

Company Registration

We undertake registration of international companies, European investment companies, funds and trusts in the most popular jurisdictions

  • Use of off-shore companies, incorporated in Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Seychelles and Panama gives to clients the possibility of carrying out international commercial and investment operations alleviating the tax burden in the country of its own stay
  • Use of companies from respectable jurisdictions, such as the USA, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hong Kong and Malta to operate on the world markets not only within the perfect framework of corporate legislation of these countries, but also in specific cases to significantly minimize their tax expense
  • Cyprus company registration, which can be effectively used as multifunctional with the application of conditions for international tax agreements and double-tax treaties
  • Companies, created in the European holding centres of Cyprus, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Malta providing the possibility to build complex corporate structures, to generate revenues in the form of dividends, royalty, interest, or capital gains without or with minimum taxation in the countries which are parties to double-tax treaties
  • Trusts and nominal structures provided by us, including nominee shareholders and directors, make it possible to anonymously manage international companies, to confidentially conduct active international business, to reliably acquire and hold property for own use and for its tax- efficient transfer to heirs-at-law

Banking Services

Our banking team specialises in providing support for all our clients’ banking requirements and is the single point of contact for all their banking requests

Services of the Banking Department include:

  • Opening of corporate, trust and personal accounts with e-banking and visa cards
  • Administration and maintenance of bank accounts
  • Arranging back-to-back and other credit facilities
  • Assistance with drafting and negotiating Letters of Credit if requested
  • Continuous monitoring of bank movements for up to date information on transactions for clients
  • Problem resolution with banks on complicated transactions and miss-routed funds
  • Executing the transfer of funds and the follow up

Ready-Made Companies

We always have a list of ready-made companies in different jurisdictions that can be allocated to a client within one day

We offer:

  • Registration and administration of companies in Anguilla, Belize, BVI, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Malta, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ras Al-Khaimah, UK and other jurisdictions
  • Opening of accounts in prestigious banks or banks of your preference all over the world

The main directions of our activities are registration and support of companies, consulting in the field of international corporate relations and tax planning.

We also provide a wide range of services in registration and complex maintenance of offshore and European companies and are always eager to help to register them in any country providing the necessary support.

Other Services

We offer Immigration Services and Companies Filing

  • We offer the full range of immigration services including applying and obtaining temporary and permanent work permits, residence permits and naturalization of foreign investors’ applications
  • We provide an advanced and high-quality filing for all the companies we sell and for all the companies transferred to us from other corporate service providers