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Investment service that suit your needs.

We offer investment advice and opportunities in investment funds, property and business start-ups and provide immigration services through all our offices and selected partners/associates in several jurisdictions. We represent International Funds which can be utilized by our clients for investment and also for any finance if there are profitable projects with good potentials. With investment decisions becoming increasingly difficult, it is more important than ever to get advice from an investment professional who can assist you with ongoing investment practices for your organization. Our core business is assisting our client in developing short-term structured portfolios for their bond proceeds and operating funds. With more than 30 years of fixed income trading experience, we provide investment management for both bond proceeds and operating funds helping you win today, and anticipate tomorrow.

Our investment plan

Bond proceeds investment services

Develop a realistic estimate of construction draws prior to the bond sale Coordinate with bond counsel to include suitable investment language in legal documents Yield curve and market analysis to determine time frames and amounts to invest Recommend an investment portfolio focusing on safety, liquidity and return, and considering IRS rebate requirements Competitively bid the investments, evaluate bids and see the securities through to settlement Monthly investment activity statements Monitor balances in the construction account throughout the construction phase of the project to look for reinvestment opportunities

Comprehensive banking services

We start the process with a thorough analysis of each client’s current banking structure. We look at all aspects including total fees paid, interest earnings, technology and service level. Once this is complete, we: Assist our clients in preparing a comprehensive request for proposal Review and analyze all proposals received Work with our clients to determine the best proposal

Investment policy review

Review and edit current investment policy Exsus Investment Services was developed as an independent business entity to help create structured investment programs for our clients’ bond proceeds and operating funds. View Form ADV Part 2

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Major considerations for doing business
in various countries

Choosing the right location for your business is paramount to your success. Relocating can create a fresh momentum and offer new growth opportunities.

Below are a series of reports published by various Partner/member firms that provide an overview of the major considerations for investment planning and doing business internationally.


We have extensive
professional experience